Welcome to Alpha Data Group

What is the fastest way to reach some one today? Any guesses? Correct it’s Email, even phone will take few seconds to connect but Email reaches right away with just a click. It reaches the person that you want to reach and unlike direct mail or telemarketing no other person picks it up for them in their absence. It’s confidential and it’s direct to the person that you want to reach.

What is the most important part in Email marketing? It’s the email address of the contact person and their full details on what they do and their location. When these details are correct only then your marketing is effective. You can segregate your target audience from the lot and target them effectively and increase your response and in turn increase the ROI. We believe in reaching the right person with the right information that can be beneficial to them thus increasing the positive response and reduce SPAM complaints and reaching junk directly.

We can provide the complete information of the person that you want to reach, right from Fortune 500 companies to a local business in your area. We have built this database with huge responsibility for connecting the right parties with each other and increasing their business on a long term business relationship. The information on our list contains contact information like, contact name, job title, mailing address, employ size, revenue size, company description, domain, phone no, fax no, SIC code and email address. These data can be made double opt-in only for the specific usage of your own company and campaigns.

The data is just not plain database but built with utmost research and expertise by our team and makes it possible to reach not only the highest decision makers but also the remote businesses as well. The data gets updated regularly and it is re-verified before its delivery to the customers to make sure we maintain the highest level of accuracy and integrity.